Himalayan bath salts infused with Vanilla essential oil


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Net weight (450 g)

Bathing in Himalayan bath salt allows the minerals to be absorbed through the skin which offers a quicker and enhanced way to experience the positive effects of the trace minerals present in the salt.


All of these wonderful characteristics of Himalayan salt baths have an endless number of benefits for one’s body and mind. When one enters the Himalayan salt bath, the mind can feel relieved because the brain produces stress-relieving hormones. The endorphin-boosting effects can be felt instantly.

Minerals like magnesium can work wonders for pain relief and inflammation in the body. It can improve the blood circulation in the body and hence remove the cramps from muscles and refresh the cells.

Breathing the salt-rich vapor from the Himalayan bath salt can also positively affect the body. The negative ions can cleanse the respiratory system and relieve those who suffer from asthma, colds, allergies, and sinus infections. Himalayan salt is also used in baths to prevent viruses from infecting the body by acting as a natural disinfectant.


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